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Über Veloregister GmbH
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About Veloregister GmbH

Bike registration as a preventive action against bike theft !

What we do

We love bikes but we don’t like the bike thieves.

Bike register is a free, Anti-Theft-Service Company that operates throughout Europe and that uses scannable QR-Code-Tags and social media to fight bike theft. Bike register has been created to reduce the high level of bike thefts.

Veloregister is a free service.

To anyone who drives a bike we recommend to register his bike. Our free service can make a contribution to reduce the theft rate and to bar the thieves from selling stolen bikes.

Because registered bikes are difficult to sell…

As an additional protection we sell security-sets including 3 security stickers that have a QR-Code and a bike-passport in the size of a creditcard.

The security stickers are waterproofed, tamper-proofed tags and their QR-Codes can be scanned by a cell phone. Thieves hate registered goods and the fact that your bike has been registered has already a deterrent effect.

Velo Sicherheitsvignette

You can get this security-set for 13.- Swiss francs.

A unique payment without follow-up costs and without mailing expenses.

When your bike gets found by anyone (not only by the police) and when the QR-Code is being scanned, then it can directly be shown if it has something to do with a stolen bike or not. If it is stolen, you can directly inform the owner, so that he can get his bike back again.



That’s how it works!

  • Generate user profile
  • Register bike for free
  • Upload pictures
  • Report stolen/found bikes








Veloregister GmbH
International Bicycle Tracing Kleinhüningeranlage 84
4057 Basel

Phone: +41 76 421 22 36